2 Objective(s) and ScopeThe primary objectives of the audit

A lot of competition for a lot of spots, Roosevelt coach Andrew Capece said. Think we be a good team but we have a lot of work to do. Swann returns to anchor Wise pitching staff and infield. The audit ascertains the current state of the OHS program at a departmental level, assesses the implementation of the 2004 recommendation, and provides valuable guidelines to further improve the Department OHS program reliability.1.2 Objective(s) and ScopeThe primary objectives of the audit were toprovide assurance that the OHS management framework within Environment Canada meets the requirements of the Code; andfollow up on the recommendations of the 2004 Audit of Occupational Safety and Health at Environmental Protection Service Research Centres (2004 Audit).The scope of the audit was Department wide, and included all Environment Canada facilities in the regional offices, including the regional Storm Prediction Centres; Canadian Aviation Meteorological Centres and the Canadian Meteorological Centre; research institutes and laboratories; and the Environment and Wildlife Enforcement teams.Phase 2 consisted of a detailed assessment (operating level) of the execution of the OHS management framework, including site visits, to provide an assurance that the framework meets the requirements of the Code.Due to the specialized nature of the subject matter, the conduct of this audit was performed by a team of OHS specialists from AMEC Earth and Environmental, working jointly with the Audit and Evaluation Branch (AEB) to meet the technical and management requirements of this project.A master schedule of site visits and interviews was maintained. All site visits concluded with exit interviews and finding reports that have been provided to and reviewed by program management and AEB. Detailed observations have been presented to the Director General Strategic Planning and Corporate Programs, Human Resources Branch (HRB); and the Director General, Assets, Contracting and Environmental Management, Finance and Corporate Branch (FCB).

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